Salem Concrete Pros is a concrete contractor in Salem, Oregon and has been in operation since 2009.

We serve both commercial builders and homeowners and strive to achieve customer satisfaction in all of our concrete projects.
Years of experience back us, and we have served hundreds of households and businesses, which have expressed extreme satisfaction in our work. We offer the best concrete services in the Salem area using superior and durable products, and all our concrete products are Marion County approved. We make use of the latest construction equipment and technology in our work. Our experts are highly trained and have long years of experience in the industry.
Salem Concrete Pros offers impeccable customer service and a stellar public relations history. We believe that the client knows best, and we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your foundation, driveway, patio or other concrete work is completed or repaired to your specifications.

We provide quality concrete services:

  • Foundations
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Painted Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete


We do residential and commercial:

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Concrete Walls
  • New Construction
  • Concrete Repairs

At Salem Concrete Pros, we offer you a perfect blend of professionalism, reliability, technological expertise and customer service, guaranteeing 100 percent satisfaction. We also offer a free concrete estimate for all types of property owners. Therefore, if you need any concrete work done, contact us today at (971) 240-5688.


Before you choose Salem Concrete Pros, here are a few tips to follow so you KNOW you’re working with the best!

As concrete contractors and homeowners alike have recognize just how versatile cement is, the residential cement market has exploded. While driveways, terraces, floorings, and other flatwork remain the most popular cement work done, concrete stain and other decorative concrete projects have come into their own. This has led both to a strain on the available concrete professionals and a rise to the number of residential cement contractors. Procuring an available contractor can be a problem, but sorting through new concrete companies and choosing a reliable concrete contractor is a gamble in itself without proper screening and guarantees.

General Guidelines for Choosing a Concrete Professional

  • Talk to multiple contractors before you induce your option.
  • Check references. Concrete professionals are just like any other home improvement contractor, and they should be able to provide you with at the least three references.
  • Read contracts and warranties closely. Make sure estimates are comprehensive, and the cost of your program is fixed unless you decide to change the installing options .
  • Never pay the balance upfront. Applying a charge card can also help buffer you from paying for shoddy construction work .

Old School vs. New School

Driveways, sidewalks, terraces, and pools are still the most common residential concrete projects. Concrete contractors have been around forever completing these concrete installations. Some have grown and diversified to accommodate new cement markets. Some have stuck with what they’ve known. This doesn’t necessarily make a contractor better or worse. Continue in thinker, though, that the concrete professional who doesn’t at least learn about new cement techniques can be using less efficient techniques. On the other side of the token, a contractor who rushes into new territory may find himself over-extended and unable to meet tighter deadlines. Having general parameters and knowing that you at least want to hear about different concrete features and finishes can help you choose the contractor that’s right for you.

Residential Concrete Contractors

The number and kinds of residential concrete projects may surprise you. The vast majority of homeowners are unaware of the quality and versatility of specific and what it can do for your home. Concrete finishing can create a concrete surface that simulates nearly any material available and often for considerably cheaper. This includes not only the texture of the cement, but the coloring and designing. Concrete can be just as smooth as any stone tile and with basically the same patterning. More than only imitation, decorative cement can be stained or stamped with any kind of artistic impressions.

Decorative concrete is usually focused on interior home improvements, including flooring, counter tops, and coffee tables among others. Yet, decorative cement is also a common and excellent option for outdoor installations such as outdoor kitchen fixtures or driveways tamped to look like stone driveways. Entire concrete homes are becoming more and more popular as well. Concrete generates a virtually indestructible, energy-efficient home. Again, decorative cement techniques have enabled residential cement contractors to add the ever desired curbing appeal back into concrete work.

Concrete Costs and Alternatives

As versatile as concrete has become, it’s still not the right answer for every residential application. Besides the technical skill required to finish cement, a huge chunk of the installing cost is the expenditure in delivering the cement to your home. This cost is largely independent of the size of the job or the amount of cement required. In other words, for smaller tasks, concrete might not be cost-effective, especially if brick or stone is a viable alternative.

Of course, the opposite is also true. The bigger the job, the more fiscal sense cement will usually induce. Indeed, if you’ve decided to use cement for one chore, you should take a look around to understand where else you might want cement run. Walkways and terraces are just the beginning. Concrete can also be used for driveways, landscaping walls, even new interior applications such as countertops or furniture. If you’re looking for specific estimates , now is a great time to get bids from several of our pre-screened contractors.
5 More tips-off for choosing the right cement contractor.

Check their Portfolio: When you research concrete contractors in Salem check to see their portfolio. The best contractors maintain a gallery of their recent work for a clearer idea of their services and what to expect at the end. The portfolio will also allow you to visualize what you want for your home, and perhaps give new ideas.

Experience :As a general rule of thumb, a contractor with a minimum of five years of experience has demonstrated that they are reliable and consistent in providing quality work. Experienced contractors will also readily provide insight and recommendations to getting the best results possible. For example, they will be happy to discuss how one concrete option may be more complimentary to your backyard terrace over another option.

Reputation: Are they friendly? How reputable are they? Begin evaluating their online reputation by reading their testimonies and examines. Yelp, Facebook, and Angie’s List are great places to start. Continue a look out for poor examines, and see if the contractor addressed and reacted professionally to such complaints. Ask your friends and family if they know about the company or have had experience working with them. You can also ask the contractor for a list of references to learn more about them.

Insurance: If a accident occurred on the job, you want to ensure that you will not be held liable for it. Ask your concrete contractor what their insurance policies embrace, specifically how do they protect you and your property from on-the-job collisions and injuries. Professional contractors will have a general liability coverage and worker’s rivalry in place. You can also contact the insurance company directly to substantiates the coverage and time-frame.

Pricing: When speaking with your contractor, make sure to request cost estimates on development projects. Expenses to look out for include the cost of the base material, concrete thickness, reinforcement, coloring, sealer, and down payment. Then, cross-compare the price with other local contractors. Make sure to consider what services you will be paying for, the expected quality of work, and your relationship with the contractor when building your final decision. You could pay less elsewhere but receive poor workmanship due to a lack of communication.

Beautify your home for many years to come: speak with a concrete contractor today by calling (971) 240-5688 for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Here are a few more things to remember when hiring a concrete driveway contractor in Salem Oregon:

Pouring concrete requires precision and skill.

A concrete driveway offers both curb appeal and durability, but it must be installed by a qualified, professional cement contractor to stand the test of day. Homeowners looking to repair an existing concrete driveway or to start from scratch will speedily detect a host of local driveway contractors .

Get a concrete driveway quote.

Most driveway contractors can offer a basic quote over the phone, but a concrete company’s first step before beginning any programme should be a thorough examination of your home, any existing driveway or the space you plan to use for the new concrete pad. To determine if your prospective driveway contractor is an absolute professional, ask detailed questions about your upcoming installation. He or she should be able to give a bumpy estimate of the time it will take to complete the job, as well as offer advice on how long you should wait before parking on new cement. Four weeks permits concrete to achieve maximum strength, and most professionals will advise waiting at the least two. If your potential driveway contractor says a few weeks or less, you may want to give him a pass .

Concrete driveways can crack.

Cement driveways are known for cracking, and in many cases, soon after they’re ran. Professional driveway installer have a thorough understanding of what causes these fissures, and can also advise on how to prevent them. First, your contractor should have a working understanding of sea and how it affects concrete. The more sea in the mixture, the weaker your cement, because as information materials dries, it shrinks. Applying merely the minimum quantity of sea entails less diminishing and less chance of fissures.

It’s also important for your contractor to understand the role of control joints in concrete to prevent fissures. These joints need to be the depth of the concrete run, with their typical distance apart found by multiplying the thickness of cement by relevant factors of two or three. A 5-inch run, for example, needs joints every 10 or 15 feet. These joints let the material to flex without breaking. Any long, unbroken stretching of cement will crack during the first winter, if not before .

Ask about the concrete driveway install.

Adding a driveway isn’t as simple as pouring specific and letting it dry. To make sure the concrete driveway stands the test of day, your contractor needs to start by compacting the clay and then adding tightly packed crush material on top. Looser aggregate is often laid down as well and compacted again to provide a stable base of uniform depth.  Some metropolis involve steel rebar grids for strength, and many contractors recommend them for stability. The concrete run itself should be planned out start to finish and take place on a dry, sunny period. No professional contractor will recommend doing a run when it’s raining or if the ground is frozen .

Discuss potential driveway troubles.

Ask your driveway contractor what he or she will do in the event of a problem. Your prospective installer should start by giving you good advice on how to avoid issues. For example, even concrete can’t subsistence infinite weight and anything one ton or more will likely make a crack.

A professional driveway contractor will often guarantee work for a specific quantity of day, or by the width of any fissures that appear. Make sure to get a guarantee in writing and ask for references. Ask specifically for cases in which that contractor had to do follow-up work, because talking to other homeowners and hearing about their experiences is crucial. Installing a new concrete driveway is a chore that requires precision, patience and skill. By asking the right the issues and exhaustively assessing a contractor’s knowledge, you can avoid amateurs and enjoy the benefits that “re coming with” hiring a true professional.

Don’t be swayed by slick ad gimmicks. The best decorative contractors don’t have to do a lot of expensive ad. They get the majority of their work through satisfied patrons’ referrals. Consult pals and neighbors who have had work done. Past superior performance is an excellent indicator for future performance.

Check with the Better Business Bureau or local consumer-affairs bureau for grievance histories of the contractors you’re considering. If you realize one or two objections it doesn’t necessarily mean the contractor isn’t qualified. Find out what the situation was. Find out how was the situation resolved- shouldn’t necessarily induce you to look elsewhere. Be wary of a contractor with more troubles than that.

No matter how you find potential contractors, is ensured to ask for a list of previous patrons; then call them or, better yet, visit their projects to look at the work. Ask some pierce topics such as these:

Would you hire this contractor again?
Were you satisfied with the high quality of its work?
How did the contractor manage cleanup each day?
Was the contractor easy working in cooperation with?
How did the contractor manage differences and work changes?
Was the job completed on time and at the bid? If not, why not?
Did the contractor representative return phone calls and emails and continue his word?

While licensing and insurance requirements differ from nation to nation check with the appropriate bureau to see if the contractor is properly licensed and insured in your local. As a rule, licensing necessitates passing a test to measure competency, while registering involves merely pay of a fee. If a problem originates, a government agency may be able to pursue a licensed or registered contractor on your behalf. Licensing won’t guarantee success, but it indicates a degree of professionalism and suggests that the contractor is committed to his or her chore. You typically get what you pay for!

The same holds true for the members in or certification by an industry group such as the Decorative Concrete Council or other trade associations. This is usually a sign of someone who is in business for the long run and not the quick buck. It also means that this contractor is invested in the future development of service industries. To go a step further, is the contractor states members of members of the council or trade association, or have they served on committees, do they attend the conferences, better yet, have they taken an active role by becoming a leader (key expert) within the organization?

Get a written estimate from at the least three contractors. An estimate should detail the scope of work to be done and the length of day the work is take. Be sure to note what is included and not included. Once is in agreement with and signed by you and the contractor, a bid becomes a contract. You can discover a lot about your potential contractor by the details and professionalism in the budget estimates writing. If he is sloppy in this area he will be sloppy in the work as well- which leads to misunderstanding and hard feelings.

It’s not uncommon to pay for a decorative concrete project in stages over the course of the job. Try to limit the down payment to 10 percent or less. Contractors who ask for a substantial amount up front may use your fund to finish their previous chore or pay for other bills. In some countries, it’s illegal to involve large deposits. Some specialty projects, however, will require deposits such as custom coloring’s or textures involving a higher down payment.

Throw out the low-ball bid! This contractor is probably cutting corners or, worse and is usually desperate for work. There is a possibility troubles later on and “youre supposed to” won’t be able to find them if something goes wrong. Be especially wary of contractors who give a bargain price, claiming that they’re doing a chore in the neighborhood and have leftover materials. I advise my customers to always be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.

Ask for a warranty! Reputable contractors guarantee their work. You may even choose to ask for a reference that has had warranty work completed so that you can get a feel for the type of service provided periods, weeks, months, and years after the job is completed.

Good LISTENING& Communication Skills: People are people and the single most important factor in choosing the right contractor for your particular chore is how well you and he transmit. Set good expectations so that the contractor has a clear understanding of your needs and wants for your project

Bottom Line Advice:

This list should guide your track to selecting the BEST concrete contractor for your work. Beyond a high level of technical competence, being comfortable with the contractor and what his company stands for should play an equal or greater role in your final decision.

Call Salem Concrete Pros today at (971) 240-5688 for a free, no obligation concrete quote and or consultation.

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